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A lot of stuff to tell you about

Hello, my friends.  Sorry it’s been so long since I posted, but my pawrents have been working a lot.  I would have posted myself, but they said they are going to start monitoring my internet use because they caught me ordering a bunch of Ruff Wear stuff the other day – and using their credit card.  So now they have to be in the same room when I’m online.

But anyway, I have a lot to tell you about.  On May 15, I celebrated my one month ampuversary.  That was during my girls’ weekend with my mommy, so we celebrated with ice cream, extra treats and naps.  On May 19, I had my second chemo treatment.  I went through the doors of the hospital like I own the place because – let’s face it, they love me there.  I had to say hello to everybody in the waiting room, and then my friend Melanie took me back to the exam room.  She’s a wonderful vet tech there.  I got weighed and guess what – I gained three pounds.  Melanie called me a chunky monkey, but I think it was out of love.  I guess I’m going to have to go back on a diet.  Then, Dr. Green came and gave me my chemo treatment.  So far, I seem to be tolerating it very well, but my tummy is a little ookey, so my pawrents cooked me some hamburger and rice tonight.  Don’t tell them, but I really would have eaten my dog food, but I wanted the good stuff 😉

There’s some other good news.  I have figured out how to get up on my love seat all by myself.  It took a little trial and error, but I can do it now.  Mommy started to cry the first time I did it.  The first time Daddy saw me do it, he wouldn’t stop hugging me and telling me he loves me.  Pawrents are so weird.  Since Daddy wasn’t here last weekend, we are putting him to work this weekend pampering my Mommy and me.  We might have to spend some time outside this weekend — it’s going to be sunny with highs in the mid to upper 80’s (farenheit).  Not sure about the humidity, but that’s all relative anyway.  Sheesh, Catie’s mom has gotten us all started on this weather stuff.  Bwahahahahaha!!

8 Responses to “A lot of stuff to tell you about”

  1.   maggie Says:

    Good report Ginger! It sure is the little things we celebrate huh! I remember the day Maggie was able to get up on her futon after amputation…even before, she couldn’t cause her rear leg was in such dire straits. Celebrate the little things for sure! 🙂

    Keep foolin’ your pawrents into giving you the ‘good stuff’ for your meals! hehe 🙂

    Stay strong, girl!

    Tracy, Maggie’s Mom

  2.   etgayle Says:

    wow, the loveseat is a great accomplishment, congrats on that!!! good to hear you have chemo #2 in the books and are doing OK. i’m feeling a little ‘ookie’ today too, as my #4 was monday and the first weekend after seems to be rough on the old belly… i’ll think of you on the loveseat and that will make me smile and feel better!! enjoy your weekend with your folks!!

    your friend, gayle.

  3.   Carmen (Catie's Mom) Says:

    Way to own that loveseat, Ginger! Glad you’re doing okay. Catie knows all about the ookie tummy. She gets the special hamburger and rice treatment a lot too. Naturally, Riley gets a little bit too – just because.

    AND Catie totally owns the clinic here too.

    The weather – ah, so close to my heart; thanks for the opening. Naturally I can’t resist: Overcast and 37/F, feels like 28F; humidity 87%; winds 22 km/h. You’ve apparently got all the sunshine. Sucks to be here.

    Keep on cruisin’ Ginger. You’re doing amazing! 🙂

    Carmen, Catie and Riley

  4.   admin Says:

    Thanks for the great update, Ginger. Feel free to order as much Ruff Wear gear as you like, we won’t tell! 😉

  5.   Tana Says:

    Gotta love that Internet Shopping !! WAHOO ! Too bad you got caught, Ginger – they have some FINE stuff at Ruff Wear. A dog would be stylin’ with all that gear. And let’s face it – you are one stylin’ girl !

    I’m sure that the “chunky monkey” comment was a term of endearment … right? I mean really, all those Supermodel Dogs are just bone-racks ! All the girls need a few curves 🙂

    Happy One Month Ampuversary. Congratulations on mastering the love seat ! Keep wrapping your pawrents around your toes. You go girl !

    Sophie and Tana

  6.   cometdog Says:

    Good goin’ you, Chunky Red-headed Monkey! 1 whole month! Arhoo Hoo! I see a lot of love seat jumps in your future! Tell Daddy to break out the treats. Hugs are nice but you can’t beat treats! At least that’s how I think!

    Thanks bunches for the weather update in the non-metric system! Catie and Riley’s mum/mom would get so much more sympathy from her weather forecasting – if we actually understood it!!!!!

    Mums the word on eating regular dog food! We are your friends and would never rat you out!


  7.   Mackenzie's Mom Says:

    Hey Chunky Monkey (such a cute name :)) That’s so pawesome that you got on the love seat!! No wonder your mom cried and your dad hugged you forever. Such a huge milestone – yea, we pawrents do get a little weird about that kind of stuff :).

    Now as for being called Chunkey Monkey, I think it’s in your golden blood….a couple of years ago before Mackenzie’s surgery, somebody commented that she looked like she had been eating a lot of bacon- hah I said! Not true! I had always been so concerned about Mackenzie not eating (as a puppy and youngster she would pick at her food and she was the skinniest golden around if you can believe that.) Then suddenly, overnight, she gained weight and started eating in true golden fashion. So just know that it happens to the best of the golden girls!
    Hope you’re feeling better now and you still get to enjoy all that good hamburger and rice!

  8.   anyemery Says:

    Awesome, pawsome Ginger! Way to go! I also get my mom to give me all kinds of good food after chemo. If our moms are willing to make us hamburger and rice why would we let them know we’d really eat dog food? And you know what else? I find that chemo = extra treats, too! It’s been really hot here (continuing the weather theme), so I was dehydrated and couldn’t have my final chemo yesterday. But that also meant more treats from mom last night and today! YAY! Then if I get more chemo tomorrow I’m sure to get more treats again. Yay! Keep up the awesome posts, Ginger!
    PS – Chunky Monkey reminds me – it’s ice cream time!

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