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A New Do & A New Brew

Against my many protests, Mommy said I needed to see the groomer. I came back smellin’ good and feelin’ fuzzy. And of course, with a lot less fur. Daddy said I look more like a Golden Lab now. I call it my “summer do.”ย  The groomer even blended in my surgery site shave with the rest of my coat.ย  At least now my Daddy can’t say that it looks like I am wearingย  a fur sweater!

Always on the search for a new, fun beer, my pawrents came across this at our grocery store.ย  How awesome is it that they named a beer after all us Tripawds:)

I kinda think the dog in the picture looks like Riley – they both like to wear those sunglasses!

Hoppy Summer to all!!

7 Responses to “A New Do & A New Brew”

  1.   cometdog Says:

    Watch out for that Riley! He’s looking to get famous! You won’t believe what he did in Catie’s new video!

    I love your new look! It makes you aero-dynamic looking! You need some racing stripes down your sides! Try to get some next time! Oh heck, go for a tatoo, too!

    It will be your new look for your debut!


  2.   admin Says:

    Lookin’ good there Ginger. Love the Hop Hound! We’ll need to find some of that. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3.   Fortis'dad Says:

    A new summer do and by the looks of it a couple of Hop Hound brews to celebrate. Live it up Ginger the Golden Lab!

    Fortis and Dad

  4.   Carmen (Catie's Mom) Says:

    Lovely ‘do, Ginger!

    Ha! Did you pass on from that bottle’s fumes or did you actually drink some?!

    And OMD – I think that IS Riley the schemer! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  5.   Ginger Says:

    Carmen, my pawrents don’t allow me to drink. I was just sniffin’ it and investigating things.


  6.   etgayle Says:

    wow, i was worried that you were hittin’ the sauce there….i really like your new cut too…luckily i don’t have to go to a groomer, just up to the spare bathtub upstairs…(that’s bad enough……).


  7.   Chloe's mom Says:

    A haircut and a defurmination! Ginger, you still look beautiful with the short locks ๐Ÿ™‚

    I think Chloe is a bit jealous of her luscious fur, however I too would have to take her to get groomed since I would be in over my head with mounds of fur…My parents have a fluffy dog at home and even getting groomed once a month, she still gets mats of fur stuck to her butt…

    Ah well, the just another joy of owning a dog ๐Ÿ™‚

    -Chloe’s mom

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