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Celebrate Good Times – Come On!

 Well, I have a lot to celebrate and wanted to share with my friends so maybe you can get some extra treats at your house too!!

Wednesday was my last chemo treatment.  Yeah!!  They gave me a pink bandage and a pink kerchief as a “graduation gift.”  Melanie and everyone at VCA Aurora Animal Hospital treats me so good – like the princess I am.  I go back in a month for x-rays and blood work and then every 3 months after that to make sure I am still cancer free.

Now you know the graduation color was pink — I am a prnicess after all!!

Yesterday, Aug. 14th, was my 10th Birthday.  I know what you are thinking, I don’t look a day over 6. I keep trying to convince Mommy to let me dye my white face, like she does with all those white hairs on her head but she says I look cute no matter what color my fur.

Today, Aug. 15th, is my 4 month ampuversary. My pawrents are spoiling me rotten – ok rottener – because they are so happy about my progress and determination to keep on hoppin’.

So come on – like Kool and The Gang say – Celebrate Good Times – no matter how many or how few, every one is special.

11 Responses to “Celebrate Good Times – Come On!”

  1.   maggie Says:

    Congratulations Miss Princess Ginger!!! Way to go!!! Let them pawrents spoil your even rotten-er!!!


  2.   Mackenzie's Mom Says:

    Whoo Hoo! Lots of celebration and good times for sure! Let’s start with a Happy 4 month ampuversary, then a big happy 10th year birthday and last but not least, no more chemo!!! Yea!!! You are stylin princess Ginger – pretty in pink, looking like not a day over 6, your new do and the new found new brew. Celebrate good times and we are definitely celebrating with you Princess Ginger!!!

  3.   etgayle Says:

    get out the ice cream, the green beans, the cheese, ginger says it’s party city from now on!!! with your looks, i’d have guessed you were 5 and a half at the most…i’m 10 and a half, so just a wee bit older than you…

    good news, piled on top of good news, and still more good news!!! yiiippppeeeeee!!!! no more chemo is great – i must say, pink is definitely your color (until football season of course..). don just hung the ‘illini flag’ in front of our house, so guess we’ve already crossed over!!


  4.   Fortis'dad Says:

    “Rottener” I like it! Boy oh boy do we have a lot to celebrate in Ginger’s honor. With Adios chemo, birthday # 10, and a 4 month ampuversary we will be celebrating for at least a week. Let the good times roll, I’m in the party mood.

    Oh, I have a white face too. I look very very distinguished if I must say so myself. You on the other hand look absolutely gorgeous!


  5.   Carmen (Catie's Mom) Says:

    Ginger, you are SO pretty in pink! Love it.

    A new do. No more chemo. A birthday. AND an ampuversary! Things are just rocking with good news at your house!

    And your white face is stunning.

  6.   nstephenson Says:

    Happy Birthday Ginger! What fun times at your house!!! No more chemo is great. (We just started chemo at our house).

    You look quite lovely and deserve to be spoiled rotten. Enjoy!

  7.   Ginger Says:

    Gayle, glad to hear the Illini flag is flying high in TN just like it is here in Illinois. My pawrents usually go to a couple games at Memorial Stadium every year, and they take their “I” flag and fly it in the parking lot — while they cook out hamburgers and brats. Go figure, those crazy people cooking food in a parking lot when my daddy has a perfectly good grill in the back yard. Of course, they are still sad that the Chief doesn’t dance anymore at half time.

    And to everyone, thanks you so much for your very nice comments. It means a lot to me and my pawrents. We really appreciate all the support we’ve received.

  8.   jack crowder Says:

    Pink is your color girlfriend!!!

    10 years and 4 months…I can’t stand it!!!!

    Cheeseburgers and fries for everyone!!!!!

    From one Princess to another, Have a wonderful birthday and congrats on 4 months. Here’s to a million more!

    Shelby, the P.P.

  9.   credocanis Says:

    We will raise a glass in your honor all month. Maybe more than one!! Congrats on all of the big days.

    And don’t even think about getting rid of the white face. There is absolutely nothing better than a golden who has a distinguished look…like yours!!

    Keep feeling great and wearing pink!!

    Lincoln’s Mom

  10.   jerry Says:

    WOOOOO HOOOOOOO!!!! Oh my DOG what pawesome achievements Ginger, you loook mahvelous!!!

    Pink is your color dahlin, wear it proud. You are a SURVIVOR!!!

    We love you and we’re all doing the hoppy dance here in your honor. Thanks for being such an inspawration to us all.

  11.   Chloe's mom Says:

    Yay for last chemo!!! Pink certainly is a good color on you!!!

    -Chloe’s mom

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