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The Good, the Good and the Guilty …

We haven’t posted in a long time because between the holidays and recovery time, we haven’t had much spare time. But that doesn’t mean that we haven’t been checking the website and keeping up with all of you.

First, the Good.  Mommy is healing up really well from her second surgery she had on Dec. 10.  There were signs of an infection starting so the doctor went back in, washed everything out and sewed her back up.  She is even going back to work this week.  I have mixed feelings about it all.  I will miss her as my great napping partner.  But there are times when a dog just needs alone time and wants to do things without their pawrents’ knowledge.  So how does that saying go – when the pawrents are away, the Tripawds will play!!

Second, the other Good.  I had my 3 month check up last week.  The x-rays showed no signs of lung mets and all my liver bloodwork came back perfect.  We had to wait awhile for the results, which made Mommy very nervous but it was just because they were really busy.  It didn’t bother me because that meant I was able to work the waiting room and demand attention from everyone.  I was the only tripawd there so everyone was talking about me – as if they needed a reason!  Bazinga!! 

I have to give a special shout out to Dr. Greene and it is not just because she keeps a check on me through my blog.  Dr. Greene and her staff always treat me so well, take good care of me and shower me with love and cookies.  And just so you all know, my weight was under the “Chunky Monkey” threshold of 70 pounds.  Ok, I weighed 69.5 but under 70 is under 70 🙂

Now on to the Guilty.   Even though 2010 has sucked – and I mean really sucked – we still feel blessed.  I was diagnosed with cancer, had to have an amputation, get chemo, blah,blah, blah, and then Mommy had to have 2 brain surgeries.  It has not been a banner year for the Gabors here in Pontiac.

Even through all of that, we are still feeling guilty.  Mommy’s headaches seem to be fixed, which is a relief for everyone since she has been suffering with unbelievable pain for 10 years.  And I am thriving as the 3 legged princess that I am.  So why the feeling of guilt?  Because even through our struggles, we still feel  lucky that this family is healthy, happy and together.  Why have we, meaning me and Mommy, been so lucky and others haven’t?  We are so saddened that our friends are suffering.  The losses of Little James, Miss Mack and Fortis, just to name a few, have hit us hard and we are grieving along with all of you for all  those great friends that have crossed over recently and in the past year.

A special note to Brett and Pattie:  In your most recent post, you said “Fortis was our life.”  Brian and I feel the exact same about Ginger and imagine the heartache you are feeling.  Ginger makes our life happier and better with her antics, as I am sure Fortis did for you.

Throughout the past several months, we have had many members of the Tripawd community think of us and send along some special items.  We want to thank ET Gayle and Charon for the juju socks, the juju ball and of course the Christmas star ornament.  The star never made it on the tree, as I took it as my own and refused to share.  Comet’s Grandma Kay sent a Illini orange quilt for me, to help keep me comforted while Mommy and Daddy were away at the hospital.  It kept me warm and safe until Mommy returned home and then I shared my blanket with her.  Eventually, I will upload pics of all the nice presents (I need help with that).  And of course, all the warm and healing thoughts that you all sent our way.  Anyway, I hope that 2011 is a better year than 2010, and I am sending all of my Tripawd friends a big, sloppy, Golden kiss.



6 Responses to “The Good, the Good and the Guilty …”

  1.   credocanis Says:

    Hi Ginger – We’re feeling the same way here. In the face of all of the losses, I’m holding my boy extra close and am feeling so thankful, despite the stupid cancer. We’re lighting extra candles, and we bought a bottle of three-legged red so we can toast to all of the tripawds.

    Today Lincoln nosed me while I had a full cup of coffee in my hand, of course, coffee everywhere, and instead of any scolding, I just felt so blessed that he was still around to irritate me. I’m taking nothing for granted.

    A big, sloppy, Golden kiss right back atcha, Ginger. Can’t wait to see the pictures.

    Lincoln’s Mom

  2.   Susan Lingle Says:

    Yes indeed Ginger. Even though it is fortunate that you have such wonderful people and puppies surrounding you, your mummy and you deserve a most spectacular 2011!!

    Here’s a toast (or a beef trachea) to you and your family!

  3.   etgayle Says:

    ginger, glad you are checking in, and all is well in illini land. it’s all about capturing the special moments, the ones we are prone to let slip by. every hug, snuggle, and glance make life worth living.

    all hail the chief

    the ET illini contingency

  4.   CatiesMom Says:

    Looking forward to pictures of all your loot, Ginger. We’re very happy things are going well for you. Your grateful, optimistic spirit, no matter what the obstacle, is so very welcome!

    We’re hoping 2011 is a better year too.

  5.   admin Says:

    Thanks for the great update! You have absolutely no need to feel guilty about sharing good news.

  6.   coopsdad Says:

    Ginger, we are all pulling for you and your family to have a wonderful and blessed 2011! 2010 pretty much sucked here at our house too, so we totally understand your wish for a super duper 2011! I had also been dealing with some feelings of guilt as we celebrated Coops 3rd ampuversary, but as you and so many have pointed out, when we read all the sucess stories here , it makes us so happy and feel so uplifted. So hers to all the success stories we can get here at tripawds!

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