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Tax Day?? Oh No – It’s Ginger Snap Day!!

Since I am your Attorney General Ginger Legal Pants, as appointed by our Fearless Leader Sooper Clown Cooper, I proclaim this day, April 15, to be Ginger Day!!  I don’t know if I have the power to do so, but I’m not one to be shy, so I say I do.

Why the celebration you may ask??  Well my fellow tripawds, tripawd lovers – and even freaky eared monkey butlers, today is my 1 YEAR AMPUVERSARY!!!!  I have been cancer free for 1 whole year.  That is 365 days. 52 weeks. 8760 hours… You get the idea.

As most everyone knows, dealing with the diagnosis of cancer, the decision to amputate, the actual surgery, chemo and the aftermath of everything, can be daunting and scary.  In light of all that we have been through in the past year, we have remained a happy little family of three, living each day to the fullest.

 Here are some of our most favorite moments from the past year.  Treats for everyone, even those monkey-dogs.  The AMBF fight can continue tomorrow.

15 Responses to “Tax Day?? Oh No – It’s Ginger Snap Day!!”

  1.   credocanis Says:

    Whoooohooooo!! Let the party begin. I’m so happy, Ginger. One year is such a huge deal. Congrats!!

    Beer, cheese, naps, treats, and ice cream for everyone!!

    Rhonda and Lincoln Stinkypants

  2.   campsie Says:

    I LOVE Ginger Snaps almost as much as I love this web site. You have a great blog. Congratulations on your first year!

    These are great pictures of your handsome family. All I can do is smile as I look at these pictures and be thankful along with you on this special day.
    Nice job, all three of you…..

  3.   CatiesMom Says:

    Oh, happy happy Ginger day! Congratulations, you beautiful girl! This is indeed such a big, big deal. 🙂

    Well done.

    Carmen and Catie and Riley

  4.   littlemanjake Says:

    Oh Ginger!!! Congratulations. But you really should stop drinking so much and sleeping all day! The monkeydogs will start to talk!

    In your honor my mom says she’s not paying her taxes till Monday…at 11:58!

    Have a Happy, Happy Day!


  5.   tatespeeps Says:

    All that wavy, strawberry blond fur! What a beautiful Ginger Snap!

    One year, wow. Congratulations. Looking foward to meeting you all!

  6.   krun15 Says:

    Happy day!! It is awesome when another in our family starts counting ampuversaries in YEARS!

    Diets all around here- so… sugar free jello for all!!!

    Karen and the pugapalooza

  7.   admin Says:

    😯 OMD! That’s 31,536,000 seconds of loving life in the moment on three legs! Here’s to many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many more!

  8.   anjl Says:

    Definately….. it should be Ginger Day!
    You look so festive and it looks like you know how to party!
    Wishing you many more Ginger Days…You go legal pants girl!!
    Whoot whoot whoot!

  9.   riosmom Says:

    Yay, Happy Ginger Snap Day! So, so very hoppy for you and your pawrents! We’ll be celebrating here for you. And it’s been a milestone month for us, too! So have some extra cookies for me!!!!

    Rio (and Micki)

  10.   etgayle Says:

    oh beautiful ginger, queen of all that is good in the land of illiniwek, we salute you!!!! we celebrate here in ET with naps and cheese for all.

    charon & gayle

  11.   daisy2010 Says:

    Happy Ginger Snap Day! Wishing you many many more happy years! Having Ginger Snaps in your honor!

  12.   maximutt Says:

    Congratulations Ginger! You are awsome. Keep on rockin’!!

  13.   maximutt Says:

    I posted once, but it never showed up, so I’ll say it again: Congratulations on 1 year Ginger! You are awesome!!

  14.   cometdog Says:

    Well, what a mighty fine year it has been! We over here in Cometland (not going to rename it to Monkeyboyland just yet!) have had the best year ever, thanks to our pal and super friend, Ginger Legalpants (AGGLP!)!

    Looking forward to more good times in the coming year!

    Ginger Snaps all around!
    The monkeyboys will be happy about a truce!

  15.   jerry Says:

    Amazing! Bravo! bravo! I hereby declare April to be Ginger Month! If you can get more of that beer we can have a really good time!

    Congratulations sweetie, it’s always so wonderful to have another Tripawd reach such a huge milestone. When one of us beats the odds, we all gain strength to kick cancer’s butt! Yay!!!! xoxo

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