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I’m a political super star!!

Well, as some of you know, I live in a political family.  My Daddy has been on the City Council in my home town for the last 9 years and he is now running for State Representative here in Illinois in the 106th District.  I don’t like it sometimes because both of my pawrents are away a lot lately between working full time and campaigning an awful lot, but guess what!  All this campaigning has turned me into a little bit of a celebrity – and Tripawds are ruling!  To start with, the campaign cards my pawrents are handing out has a picture of our family on it – including me, looking very cute!!  And guess what happened last night!  My Mommy told me that at an election forum, my Daddy was asked what made him unique – and he said that I did!  He said that he had a three legged dog at home, and that I have taught him that it is possible to do more with less.  He also said that the State of Illinois can learn a lot from us Tripawds because the whole State needs to do more with less since Illinois is broke.  Apparently, everypawdy in the room thought I was a pawsitive role model.  Can you believe it??  Tripawds are getting good press because of politics!  Go figure.  Tripawds really do rule!

All this campaigning is why I haven’t updated you all in a little while.  But, there is good news.  On the 15th, I celebrated my 22 month ampuversary.  I am closing in on 2 years, and we just can’t believe it has gone by so quickly.  It is hard to believe that such a terrible thing like cancer has led us to meet so many good friends that we really treasure.  Thank you all for being there for us when we needed it most.  We hope that you are all doing well.

Princess Ginger

11 Responses to “I’m a political super star!!”

  1.   Codie Rae Says:

    Woohoo Ginger! You have uncovered our secret plan…..heh heh. Take it to the White House sistah!

    And Happy Hippy Hoppy 22 month Ampuversary! You are not only an inspawration to your dad and the State of Illinois but to all of us here at Tripawds as well. Keep on keepin’ on grrrrlfriend!

    Codie Rae and the Oaktown Pack +1

  2.   Judy Says:

    Being a recent tripawerent it’s so great to hear from a 2 yr ampuversary
    Princess! We have political folks in our family as well, so I understand how frustrating the time away can be, but how cool to be talked about that way! You must be awesome!

    Wags and Slobbers,
    Judy and Baby

  3.   maximutt Says:

    Happy Ampuversary Ginger! I always knew you were special, so it’s no surprise to me that a lot of people in Illinois now think so too!

  4.   Dakota Dawg Says:

    So you were elected Princess? That’s wonderful news! You used to be AGLP or AGLTPQR or something. Now the good people of Illinois have made you royalty. I’m with Codie Rae; keep going and take it all!

    I hope things settle down for your family and you get tons of good stuff out of this. Can you bite the ones who are idiots? I’m just askin’…

    Love, Dakota

  5.   AngelAbbysMom Says:

    Happy Ampuversary Ginger! And how cool that your pop used you as a great example! I bet you’re going to bring in lots of votes!

    Jackie, Angel Abby’s mom

  6.   tinakc Says:

    Happy Ampuversary Princess Ginger! You are an inspiration and I am glad the state of Illinois can learn from you. Being from Illinois originally I can agree that that state needsa lot of help and to learn how to do with less. I am so proud of you and your dad.
    Good luck!

  7.   Ginger Says:

    Thank you all soooo much for your kind words. We really appreciate it!! Codie Rae, I may be imspawrational, but it’s not like I was ever in a music video or something. Sheesh. Judy and Baby, I am glad we can show peeps that there is hope. When I was a new Tripawd, it really gave my pawrents comfort to read about some of the long timers still going strong after a year or two. Dakota, when Angel Cooper was the leader of the AMBF, he appointed me “Attorney General Ginger Legal Pants.” We shortened it to AGGLP. I’m not sure if I still hold that title, but I think I do because I’ve never resigned and I haven’t had any scandals like getting caught with a boy Monkey Dog in my office after hours. Boomer – you are from Illinois?? No way! Where did you live? We are in Pontiac (about 100 miles South of Chicago).

    Love to everyone,

  8.   chilidawg Says:

    Woo-hoo, Ginger! Tell your Daddy that if we were in his district, he would get our vote! Although in Illinois, I bet we could still vote for your daddy even though he’s not in our district (but we won’t, because unlike our governors, we follow the rules).

    Spirit Chili Dawg

  9.   CatiesMom Says:

    Ginger, 22-months! That’s simply wonderful. I can’t imagine how busy you’ve been with all the politicking! We’re happy, happy, happy though that you’re doing so well.

    And your dad is right. You ARE a great example.

    Carmen, Spirit Catie, and Riley

  10.   jerry Says:

    TWO years!!!!! Almost, ok we’re not there yet but we’re starting to unpack the party streamers.

    Your Daddy’ got the election in the bag with a spokesdawg like you Ginger! We send all our hearty wishes for a big, big win on election day!!!

  11.   credocanis Says:

    It’s about time that everyone else figured out what we already know – TRIPAWDS ROCK THE HOUSE!!

    We’re happy for you Ginger. You’re like Lincoln’s golden ampuversary sister…we hit two years on the 11th (I can hardly believe it)!!

    That will be two months of celebrating!!

    Keep On Rolling Ginger!

    Rhonda and Lincoln

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