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Election Day and an Ampuversary!!

I am sorry I haven’t been around as much lately to keep in touch with old friends and welcome new ones.  That should all change after Tuesday, when (hopefully) things will slow down a bit around here.  As many of you know, my Daddy is running for State Rep. here in Illinois, and this Tuesday, March 20 is the primary election day.  Don’t worry, I won’t tell anybody how to vote.  The only candidate I publicly endorse is my Daddy.  He is a good Daddy and I love him very much.  It is very important to vote, no matter who you vote for.  I will have the house to myself until Tuesday, because everypawdy is going out knocking on doors.  I’d like to go too, but I can’t walk as far as I used to.  One thing about this campaign has disturbed me, though.  There are 5 peoples running in my Daddy’s race for one position.  Most of the other peoples have been decent and Daddy has enjoyed getting to know them, but one of the candidates is just a big dummy head and has engaged in a smear campaign of lies about my Daddy and some of the others.  He is trying to make the presidential primaries look like puppy’s play.  It is disheartening to us, especially since my Daddy has a bunch of dirt on this guy but hasn’t gone dirty, instead trying to be positive and tell people about himself and what he wants to do.  It makes me angry, and if I ever see this guy, I’m gonna bite him and infect him with the Tripawd virus.  I guess some people just never saw Bambi, when Thumper said,”If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nuttin’ at all.”

OK.  Enough complaining!  Two days ago on the 15th was my 23 month ampuversary!!!!  Just one more month to go for 2 years!!!  We don’t know where the time has gone, but we are very glad that we have had this time together because it makes us realize what is most important in life — friends and family.  I hope all my Tripawd (and even some Monkeybutts) friends are doing well out there.  Take care of yourselves.

Ginger Snap

11 Responses to “Election Day and an Ampuversary!!”

  1.   etgayle Says:

    ginger, congrats on your 23 months, and we hope all goes well on tuesday!!

    charon & spirit gayle

  2.   Leslie Says:

    Congratulations Ginger! And good luck to your Daddy! Hopefully the people will see through that bad candidates lies, even if they don’t pick your Daddy.

  3.   maximutt Says:

    Happy 23 Months Ginger!! Here’s wishing you many, many more! And when you get upset about dummy heads, try to remember what your Dad already knows: always take the high road! Good luck on Tuesday!!

  4.   Dakota Dawg Says:

    Oh Ginger, you are so close to a magical ampuversary and I am so excited! I’m one of your biggest fans because you make this all look so good and so easy. Congratulations on 23 months, pretty lady!

    I hope your Daddy wins. I would tell my Man and my Woman to vote for him if we lived in Illinois. If you want somebody to be naughty to the dummy head, I can send Evelyn over to do her flaming bag of poo trick. Believe me, it would be easy for her. She is a machine and manufactures all the time! Let me know.

    Love, Dakota

  5.   riosmom Says:

    Dear AGGLP,

    Congratulations on your almost-two year ampuversary!!! And good luck to your daddy! We also were told if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all, but sometimes it’s hard… sometimes, you just want to say something mean, especially if people are being mean to somebody you love.

    Hopefully, the good people of Illinois will understand smack talk when they hear it, and they won’t let it sway their opinion. Here’s hoping the democratic process works and that they will vote for the person who will help them the most.

    Fingers and paws crossed for you guys!!!

    Rio’s momma

  6.   anjl Says:

    WOW Girl!
    23 months is pawsome! We have missed you, those monkeybutts have been up to no good at all (kinda like the smearer as noted above). Paws crossed and keep us posted!

  7.   krun15 Says:

    Ginger Snap! Happy 23 months!!!
    Don’t worry about missing the door knocking- it’s really not that fun. Enjoy the quiet time. Mix a drink and watch some TV!

    Karen and the pugapalooza

  8.   jerry Says:

    OOOOOOOH! Paws crossed for a hoppy election day! I hope your Dad gets it and throws that bum out.

    Meanwhile….are you amazing or what? TWO YEARS (almost)! Yowza sweetie, you just amaze us over and over again. We love you!

  9.   Cooper Says:

    Ginger, we are SO happy here at Coopspack that you are so close to two years! You know we had Samson and Bailey up to the cabin this weekend, which made me think about Cooper a little more than usual and that made me think of you and how you are doing. I am glad I checked in today and saw this! Happy Ampuversary!! are you keeping the monkeybutts in check? I would encourage Samson to help you, but I am not toooooo sure where his loyalty lies… he seems to tend toward the monkeybutt side.

  10.   Cooper Says:

    p.s – good luck to your daddy!!

  11.   credocanis Says:

    Ginger – I’m so glad I saw your blog. We haven’t been around much lately either, but we always think of you because you and Lincoln’s anniversary dates are so close. Two years is huge!! Good luck to your Dad and we’re still wondering about your Mom’s head and if she’s doing okay.


    Lincoln and his Mom

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