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I’m still here!!! A (very belated) 2 YEAR AMPUVERSARY!!!

Hi, everypawdy!!  I’m still here despite my pawrents not having time to post lately.  Anyway,  a few weeks ago on April 15, 2012, I celebrated my 2 year ampuversary.  That’s right – 24 months without my stupid old back right leg and 24 months cancer free!!!!  Can you believe it?  I am now three days away from 25 months post-amp.

I celebrated my 2 year ampuversary at the beach in Chicago with my good friends Isabelle and Sam.  Here are some pictures of my wonderful day.

Look at me mugging for the camera while Sam and Isabelle are rough housing in the background.


Note: all pictures are courtesy of Rick, Jan and Cynthia.  Thank you!!

A very special thank you to Rick and Jan for bringing Sam and to Cynthia for bringing Isabelle.  I did miss my best boy Angel Tate, but I know he was smiling down on me from heaven with my other friends.  It is the first time I’ve been to the beach without him, so my pawrents and I were a little apprehensive heading to the beach, but seeing everyone sure made us very happy.  Tripawd people are just the best!!!

My Daddy said that he and Rick (Angel Tate and Sister Sam’s dad) have talked, and we are gonna try to get together a lot at the beach this summer.  That makes me happy.

I hope everyone is doing well, and staying ahead of the stupid cancer.  I hate that stupid disease, but we are keeping our heads up here in Illinois and looking forward to my third summer on three legs.

Take care everypawdy,

Ginger Snap

11 Responses to “I’m still here!!! A (very belated) 2 YEAR AMPUVERSARY!!!”

  1.   maximutt Says:

    Ginger, I’m so happy you were able to see your friends at the beach! It looks like a great time was had by all! And congratulations on your 2 Year Ampuversary! You are one amazing gal!! I’m so glad you are kicking butt and having a great time!!

  2.   Dakota Dawg Says:

    Wow Ginger! You continue to inspire me and everyone else who meets you! You have found the secret, so keep doing it. Congratulations!!!

    I’m so happy you had a great beach pawty! I’ll bet Sam wore you out. Youngsters…sheesh. Tell Isabelle we miss her here and she should let us know how she’s doing. And keep on truckin’ baby!

    Love, Dakota

  3.   AngelAbbysMom Says:

    Looks like a perfect celebration!

    Good to see you so happy with your peeps. Isabelle looks great too. Good to know she is also still happy and hoppy.

    Hope you got some extra special treats as well! Two years is a HUGE deal!

  4.   zeuspod Says:

    Yay Ginger!!! Yes, two years is a HUGE deal. You look so happy in the pictures, I’m glad you had a great day at the beach!

  5.   etgayle Says:

    well cousin ginger…glad you’ve come up for air, we were starting to believe the rumors that you’d been stolen away by gypsies!!! congrats on your two year ampuversary plus almost another month! good to know you are still kicking cancer’s butt – illini spirit can’t be held down!!!!! I L L – I N I

    charon & spirit gayle (and the rest of the ET illini contingency)

  6.   Lylee Girl Says:

    Congratulations!!! 2 years free of cancer! Fabulous Tripawd Warrior Dude Ginger!
    Sending lots of hugs
    Joanne & Lylee TWP

  7.   renee7979 Says:

    That is a huge milestone and so totally Pawesosme.

  8.   admin Says:

    🙂 Thanks for the update Ginger! Lookin’ good…

  9.   cometdog Says:

    25 months! That’s super duper awesome pawsome! So, glad someone looked at the calendar and posted your great news!!
    Keep it Ginger!

    Angel Comet’s mom

  10.   maggie Says:

    Super congratulations Ginger!!!!!!!! Thanks for posting an update and nice pictures to boot!

    Tracy & Maggie

  11.   jerry Says:

    ROCK ON Ginger! Wow, you really are an incredible example of what is pAWSIBLE! Congratulations gorgeous, you are a super star!!!! What a fun way to celebrate.

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