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It’s Mommy’s Turn …

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

Even though we have never met any of you in person, we think of you all as close friends, even family. So, I decided to share my news with you. Plus, Comet said she would squeal if I didn’t!

I am having brain surgery on Nov. 1. I have been suffering with horrible headaches for 10 years, with little to no relief. I tried everything from meds to injections into my skull and saw more doctors than I can count.

Well, I guess I finally saw the right doctor about a month ago. He said I have Chiari Malformation. Basically, my brain is too big for my skull. So on Nov. 1, my doctor will go in and remove a portion of my skull so my brain has more room to “breathe.”

I’ll be in the hospital for a few days and then at home recovering for about a month.

Ginger and Brian will be in charge of keeping you and blog updated. I take no responsibility to what they write since they will be without “adult” supervision.

Gayle – Ginger may need some tips on being a home nurse. She heard you did a great job with your Mom.

Deanndre – Ginger’s Mom

P.S. Feel free to make big head or big brain jokes – we have ūüôā

Barney gets his kicks — and his butt kicked on Route 66

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

Hello to all my Tripawd friends!  It has been a while since I posted, but that is because I have been very, very busy.  Recently, a special package arrived at my house.

What could it be inside?¬† It kinda smells like poo from East Tennesee.¬† I asked my Mommy who it is from.¬† She said it was from my friend ET Gayle.¬† I still don’t know what it is, but I’m very excited.¬† Let’s open it up and look inside!

OMD — it’s Barney.¬† I have heard so much about this dude.¬† I just don’t know what to do first.¬† I think I’ll just start by chewing on him.

Barney insisted on keeping his special socks on that Gayle’s Mom made him.¬† He said it was too cold here in Illinois.¬† I allowed it because I did hear that those TN socks have special “juju.”¬† Anyway, I tried and tried to hurt Barney by chewing on him …

but that little dude is a LOT tougher than he looks.¬† Now don’t get me wrong, I have faith in my ability to tear Barney apart, but by this time I was getting impatient, so I tried to suffocate him by sitting on him.

He looks like the Wicked Witch of the East after the house fell on her — bazinga!¬† I crack myself up!¬† But seriously, that guy can hold his breath for a really long time.¬† By this time, my pawrents were getting mad at me for being mean to Barney.¬† They told me I needed to be nice because Barney was a guest in our house and town and we needed to show him the sights.¬† I decided to bide my time — and engage in a little psychological warfare against Barney while we showed him around.¬† First he tagged along to my Daddy’s office on Saturday morning.¬† A lot of times, my Daddy takes me to his office on Saturdays so I can help him work.¬† I want to go during the week, but he won’t let me.¬† Something about all of the secretaries just wanting to love on me and not do their work.

By this time, Barney was starting to get a little cocky.  He insisted on copying his butt.  He said he wanted to mail it to Comet because she has been talking smack about him.

Barney asked if he could go to work with Mommy but come to find out, he didn’t pass the background check.

By this time, Barney was really annoying me, so when my pawrents went to work on Monday, I decided I had to show this guy what is important in my house and my state.  First, I showed him my video from Cometdog.

I told him that this state is only big enough for one diva, and that job is already taken –¬†by me.¬† I am the princess of this house and I call the shots.¬† Next, I schooled him on my Daddy’s¬†college pride by showing him my Chief Illiniwek video.¬† We are still mad that U of I retired the Chief.¬† Here, I’m telling him he needs to show respect for his surroundings.

My Mommy always complains that¬†her Millikin doesn’t get the love that Illinois does, so I’ll just throw out a “Go Big Blue” for her.

We then showed Barney all over Pontiac.¬† One of the coolest things about my town is what happened last summer.¬† All of these dogs came to town.¬† They were called “Wall Dogs.”¬† See, they are sign and mural artists who all get together in a different town every year and make murals.¬† It’s really cool and they came to my town last summer.¬† We decided to show Barney what these dogs could do.¬† Here are some of the murals they painted.¬† Any kind of “dog” is fine in my book.

I like this one because it’s got a dog in it.

I decided to try and lull Barney into a false sense of security by pretending to be nice to him and actually get in some pictures with him — all the time planning his demise.

Now, just so you know – my home town is right on Historic Route 66.¬† I’m sure you have heard of it.¬† We have a nice mural all about it, and we all took a picture with my Mommy’s car:

Now, not only do we have tons of murals, but we also have little cars – “Pontiac” Chevys –¬†on our sidewalks that are painted by local artists.¬† They are just big enough for a three legged dog and a purple dinosaur to sit in.

We even have our own Route 66 Museum.¬† It’s only a block away from my Daddy’s office.¬† I can’t believe he ever gets any work done.

Now, we live in the County seat.  What that means is we have a court house in my town where my Mommy and Daddy work sometimes.  We have a really cool court house built like 140 years ago.

We have a very rich history.  Even Abraham Lincoln came here and argued several cases- although not at this court house.  We even introduced Barney to Abraham Lincoln:

I’m very confused by this.¬† I didn’t think Abraham Lincoln was around for cars.

With all of our adventures, Barney now believed that I was his friend.¬† Now, just so you know, I really wasn’t being that nice to Barney.¬† The whole time, I was planning on doing this to him.

Barney agreed to join us at VCA Animal Hospital for a special dog pawty.  They were celebrating all their dog cancer survivors and remembering those that have gone onto the rainbow bridge. 

I thought this would be a great opportunity for some other dogs to get their teeth on Barney.

I¬†got a lot of love from everyone at the pawty.¬† My little cousin fed me hot dogs.¬† He didn’t want to share his cupcake but I took it anyway.

Barney decided he wanted to act like a big shot and he tried showing his skills on the agility field.

Once back at home, with Barney feeling confident in our¬†“friendship,” he let his guard down.¬† That is when I pounced and did this:

I didn’t want my pawrents to see what I had done, so I got Barney an eye patch and tried to pass him off as a purple pirate.¬† Halloween is coming up, you know.


Barney was so traumatized, he asked if we could go back to Daddy’s office.¬† He had some business he wanted to take care.¬† I decided to humor him.

Then Barney took off.  He just ran away without warning!  We got a phone call, saying a purple dinosaur/pirate was on the bridge.  We rushed down to the river and saw this:

He kept yelling that it was all my fault.¬† Geez.¬† Now that the big moment is here — don’t you wonder if I let him go through with it?

I guess we will have to wait and see if Barney gets rescued by the next tripawd or if he fell to his death in Pontiac, IL.  Or perhaps he got washed down the Vermillion River to a new home.

Goodbye Barney – I will never forget our adventures together or how your insides tasted.


-Princess Ginger

Ginger – 1 & Cancer – 0

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

Boy, do I have some great news to update you all on. Today I went back to have a full checkup for the first time since I finished chemo. I lost a few pounds, so Melanie said I was no longer a Chunky Monkey. That made my pawrents laugh. Anyway, after my checkup, Dr. Green said that she couldn’t find any sign at all of disease. My lung x-rays came back completely clear with NO METS! WOO HOO!!!!! Dr. Green also said that I looked great and she was very happy with how I am doing. I don’t have to go back to the hospital for 3 months for my next checkup. It’s been a long day! I already got me some McD’s french fries. I think it’s now time for a nap.

Celebrate Good Times – Come On!

Sunday, August 15th, 2010

 Well, I have a lot to celebrate and wanted to share with my friends so maybe you can get some extra treats at your house too!!

Wednesday was my last chemo treatment.¬† Yeah!!¬† They gave me a pink bandage and a pink kerchief as a “graduation gift.”¬† Melanie and everyone at VCA Aurora Animal Hospital treats me so good – like the princess I am.¬† I go back in a month for x-rays and blood work and then every 3 months after that to make sure I am still cancer free.

Now you know the graduation color was pink — I am a prnicess after all!!

Yesterday, Aug. 14th, was my 10th Birthday.¬† I know what you are thinking, I don’t look a day over 6. I keep trying to convince Mommy to let me dye my white face, like she does with all those white hairs on her head but she says I look cute no matter what color my fur.

Today, Aug. 15th, is my 4 month ampuversary. My pawrents are spoiling me rotten – ok rottener – because they are so happy about my progress and determination to keep on hoppin’.

So come on – like Kool and The Gang say – Celebrate Good Times – no matter how many or how few, every one is special.

A New Do & A New Brew

Friday, August 13th, 2010

Against my many protests, Mommy said I needed to see the groomer. I came back smellin’ good and feelin’ fuzzy. And of course, with a lot less fur. Daddy said I look more like a Golden Lab now. I call it my “summer do.”¬† The groomer even blended in my surgery site shave with the rest of my coat.¬† At least now my Daddy can’t say that it looks like I am wearing¬† a fur sweater!

Always on the search for a new, fun beer, my pawrents came across this at our grocery store.  How awesome is it that they named a beer after all us Tripawds:)

I kinda think the dog in the picture looks like Riley – they both like to wear those sunglasses!

Hoppy Summer to all!!

Five down – only one more to go

Saturday, July 24th, 2010

Thanks to everypawdy for your concerns.¬† My doc said I just got really dehydrated, and that coupled with old chemo treatments probably caused me to have some blood issues.¬†¬† But, I have recovered quite nicely, and feel pretty good now – except for some tummy ookiness.¬† Of course, that’s because of my fifth chemo treatment that I had on Thursday.¬† Only one more to go – yay for me!!¬† My pawrents can’t believe how good I’m doing, and everybody at the cancer hospital is so nice to me.¬† I even gave Julie kisses while she was pumping those nasty chemicals into my veins.¬† It’s OK –¬†I know she was just trying to help me.¬† Hope all is well in Tri-Pawd World.

Until next time,

Princess Ginger

A Little Setback….

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

Well, Friday night was a scary one. I was home alone with Ginger and she was acting weird. As the night continued, she not only was acting weird but seemed to be fading fast. She wouldn’t wag her tail or even lift her head when being rubbed or talked to. Not knowing what to do, I just laid with her on the floor and stroked her golden fur.

Brian got home a couple hours later and Ginger perked up some. So we all went to bed but with a lot on our minds.

The next morning, Ginger was once again very lethargic. She didn’t even get excited when Papa stopped by. That was a big red flag that something was wrong.

So to the vet we went. We went to our local clinic and learned Ginger was very dehydrated.

She got IV fluids for many hours and some antibiotics. They took some blood but the results wouldn’t be back til Monday.

After about 4 hours of fluids and some hamburger and rice, Dr. Steve said Ginger could come home.

Brian and I went to the vet’s office and were talking with Dr. Steve in the lobby. Since the office was closed, we all thought it strange to hear strange noises from the back. As we looked around, we were all surprised to see that Ginger had busted out of her kennel and ripped out her IV so she could come greet us. A very good sign that she was feeling better.

The test results ended up showing Ginger’s white cell count to be very low. We had it checked again today and it was back in the normal range but now her red cell count is low and she is very anemic.

We are waiting to hear from the oncologist to see if we are going ahead with chemo tomorrow or not.

Of car shows, (half) ampuversaries and chemo treatments

Thursday, July 1st, 2010

My pawrents took me on an exciting outing last weekend Рto a car show. Actually Daddy was working at the food stand for his Kiwanis Club, so Mommy took me to see him and get some lunch. Guess what РI was the hit of the park and not all those fancy cars!! Everyone wanted to know about me and why I only had 3 legs. My pawrents were more than happy to gush about me.

One nice lady saw me and had to come over to meet me. After hearing my story, she told my pawrents that she was so happy to see that they “didn’t give up on me” given my diagnosis and age.¬† I heard my pawrents say that I would be with them for a lot longer.¬† That makes me feel very, very happy. ¬†I guess they think I am special.¬† This nice lady even offered to sit with me if my pawrents wanted to walk around.¬† She bent over to pet me and say hi, so I gave her kisses on her face.

Here I think my Daddy is mugging for the camera, but all I care about is looking at that cool car!!

Is there another car over that way?

This way to more cars, Daddy!!

Now then, today is my 2 1/2 month ampuversary.¬† Yeah for me, but my pawrents sure don’t know how to celebrate very good.¬† I had to go to the hospital and my 4th chemo treatment — yucky!¬† I am really tired right now.¬† The good thing about today is I got to see my friend Angel.¬† He is pawesome and nice to me.¬† He said I always look so sharp in my Ruff Wear harness.¬† My pawrents asked him if they have a lot of Tripawds in the hospital, and he said they did.¬† So guess what my pawrents did.¬† They had printed off a bunch of business cards from the Tripawd website and gave them to Angel to give to other Tripawds so they can find the same caring family that we have found.¬† Angel said he loves the saying that it’s better to hop on three legs than to limp on four.¬† So look for more members from the Southwest suburbs of Chicago!

I hope all my Tripawd friends are doing well.


Three down – and three to go

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

I had a big day today!¬† My pawrents took me back to my cancer doc’s office for my third chemo treatment.¬† Before the treatment, they did x-rays and blood work to check for any spread of that stupid, ugly disease and guess what — no lung mets and no mets in my lymph nodes either!!!¬† Dr. Green said my blood work was “the picture of health.”¬† That made my pawrents very happy.¬† Then, I had my third chemo treatment with¬†three more to go, so as Bon Jovi might say, “We’re half way there.¬† Whoooaaa, we’re livin’ on a prayer.”¬† When I came out to meet my pawrents, I got to meet a new friend.¬† He is a St. Bernard with cancer too.¬† He looked like a great big three legged horse to me, and he was starting his first chemo treatment today.¬† He was very nice to me, but¬†he slimed my mommy.¬† I guess that’s what those guys do.¬† My daddy was disappointed that he didn’t have a barrel of rum or brandy around his neck, but he still liked my new friend anyway.

I am feeling pretty good so far but I’m sure the next couple of days I will have the normal ookie feeling.¬† I just can’t wait to be done with it.¬† I hope all my friends are doing well.¬† I’ll talk to you all soon.


A lot of stuff to tell you about

Friday, May 21st, 2010

Hello, my friends.¬† Sorry it’s been so long since¬†I posted, but my pawrents have been working a lot.¬† I would have posted myself, but¬†they¬†said they are¬†going to start monitoring my internet use because they caught me ordering a bunch of Ruff Wear stuff the other day – and using their credit card.¬† So now they have to be in the same room when I’m online.

But anyway, I have a lot to tell you about.¬† On May 15, I celebrated my one month ampuversary.¬† That was during my girls’ weekend with my mommy, so we celebrated with ice cream,¬†extra treats and naps.¬† On May 19,¬†I had my second chemo treatment.¬† I went through the doors of the hospital like¬†I own the place because – let’s face it, they love me there.¬† I had to say hello to everybody in the waiting room, and then my friend Melanie took me back to the¬†exam room.¬† She’s a wonderful vet tech there.¬†¬†I got weighed and guess what – I gained three¬†pounds.¬† Melanie called me a chunky monkey, but I think it was out of love.¬† I guess I’m going to have to go back on a diet.¬† Then, Dr. Green came and¬†gave me my chemo treatment.¬† So far, I seem to be tolerating it very well, but my tummy is a little ookey, so my pawrents cooked me some hamburger and rice tonight.¬† Don’t tell them, but I really would have eaten my dog food, but I wanted the good stuff¬†ūüėČ

There’s¬†some other good news.¬† I have figured out how to get up on my love seat all by myself.¬† It took a little trial and error, but I can do it now.¬† Mommy started to cry the first time I did it.¬† The first time Daddy saw me do it, he wouldn’t stop hugging me and telling me he loves me.¬† Pawrents are so weird.¬† Since Daddy wasn’t here last weekend, we are putting him to work this weekend pampering my Mommy and me.¬† We might have to spend some time outside this weekend — it’s going to be sunny with highs in the mid to upper 80’s (farenheit).¬† Not sure about the humidity, but that’s all relative anyway.¬† Sheesh, Catie’s mom has gotten us all started on this weather stuff.¬† Bwahahahahaha!!